Settlement Process

Settlement process

Once you sign a contract, our work begins. First, we open your file and start preparing for your settlement, the final step in purchasing your new home. The role of Brooks Title is to coordinate all parties involved in the transaction.

We ensure that a title search of your new property is conducted, researching the title history to prepare for settlement. We examine the title search to verify that any outstanding liens are satisfied prior to settlement.

Our staff prepares a title commitment for the lender to protect your lender against a title claim. The owner's title insurance policy protects you from any fraud or hidden risk, which are often undetectable during the title search.

Your lender releases the mortgage documents to Brooks Title which discloses your lender's fees and any insurance or escrow charges. Our staff uses this information to prepare the Closing Disclosure incorporating your lender's figures from the mortgage documents.

Process overview

Your settlement is the day you have been waiting for since you started your search for a new home. At settlement, you will sign your loan documents and pay any remaining closing costs.

Brooks Title takes pride in assuring you that the process will run efficiently. If any unforeseen issues arise, our experienced staff will be available to remedy them as expeditiously as possible.

We continue to work even after the settlement. Our staff disburses the proceeds from the sale to ensure everyone receives proper payment. Brooks Title records the deed and mortgage in the appropriate county or city land records then sends your loan package and lender's title insurance policy to your mortgage company. You will receive the original deed via mail once your deed has been recorded along with your title insurance policy.

Our final step occurs well after settlement when Brooks Title confirms the release of the seller's mortgage(s)

Our team at Brooks Title looks forward to assisting you, now and in the future, on all your real estate needs.